From Asegzawal n Tutlayt Tamaziɣt

Agdef (igedfan), nid (fr) – nest (en) - عش

Addad amaruz: ugdef (yigedfan).

He shears the sheep to harvest wool. The farmer washes and dyes the wool. After shearing, he sorts and bundles the raw wool. He spins and twists the wool fibers into yarn. With care, he weaves intricate patterns with the wool. He felts the wool to create warm, durable fabrics. She knits, crochets, and sews garments from the wool. He brushes and cardes the wool to remove impurities. He sells wool products locally. He irons and presses wool garments. He blends different types of wool for diverse textures. He experiments with new techniques in wool crafting. He sponsors workshops to teach wool-related skills. He exports high-quality wool products globally.

He shears the sheep for their wool. The shepherd feeds, tends, and guards the sheep daily. During the day, he grazes the sheep in the green meadow. He guides and leads the sheep to new pastures. In the evening, he gathers and counts the sheep. With care, he checks and treats any sick sheep. He separates and groups the sheep for various tasks. During lambing season, he assists ewes in giving birth. He tags and marks the sheep for identification. He trains the sheepdog to herd and control the flock. He transports the sheep to different grazing areas. With expertise, he docks and castrates lambs as needed. He provides shelter for the sheep during harsh weather. He milks ewes for sheep dairy production. He protects the sheep from predators. He markets the sheep's wool and meat locally. He manages the breeding and mating of the sheep. He rotates and manages grazing areas for the sheep. During shearing, he sorts and bundles the wool. He implements pest control measures for the sheep. He weighs and records the sheep's growth. He administers vaccinations to keep the sheep healthy. He negotiates and sells sheep in the livestock market. He uses a crook to guide and control the sheep. He documents and maintains records of the sheep's health and activities.

A car came speeding up behind us. Anteaters look bulky. Being a doctor is the best. Call us any time. Capybara are excellent swimmers. Get off our property. Get on the ground. Get the patient inside. He abandoned his job in Algiers and became a movie maker. He accepted the bribe. He accumulated numerous parking tickets. He agreed to put an end to all the violence and hand himself in. He answered the front door. He approached the nest. He arrived at the hospital. He arrived at the office on time. He asked Emma if she had a phone. He asked Emma if she was OK in very struggled words. He asked Emma if the was a problem. He asked Emma not to be so uptight. He asked Emma what she did for a living. He asked for more details. He asked for the address. He assassinated several presidential candidates. He assumed it was just his mind playing tricks on him. He attacked the policeman. He attended street rallies. He attended the meeting. He avoided that route as much as possible. He became a high-end drug dealer. He became a popular and well respected member of the community. He became friends with the Labrador. He became part of the youth movement. He began his sentence at a federal prison. He began nervously to bite his fingernails. He began working for a contraband dealer. He blocked off the alley exit with his truck. He blocked that profile. He boarded a train. He bolted immediately to his house. He bolted into Emma's room. He bought a used fridge. He bought off every judge in town. He bribed the trial judge. He broke into the house at the weekend. He brought a surprise. He brought food. He built up confidence. He called his mom. He called it a night. He called the cops on Emma. He came for a visit. He came from behind the house. He came in and closed all the curtains. He came out of the treeline. He came out to ask Emma if she wanted more drinks. He came running into the school, crying. He came running out of the store. He came to Emma and he struck a conversation with her. He came to the cinema. He can call the cops. He carried a baby on his back. He caught the scent of a poisonous snake. He caved his head in on a hidden rock. He chased Emma into the subway station. He checked the attic. He checked the garage to see if anything was missing. He circled around the neighborhood. He clapped for the clown. He cleared the way. He clicked on the profile. He clicked the link. He climbed the tree. He combed his hair. He committed suicide by placing a bullet into his skull. He competed in local events. He cooked the fish. He could be injured in his spine and neck. He could face legal action. He couldn't sleep a bit. He created a private militia to hunt down the rebels. He crossed the kitchen. He crosses the river. He crouched in the cabin. He descended the staircase. He developed a reputation as an unpredictible and ruthless young man. He developed an addiction to marijuana which would never leave him. He dialled the number. He did a great job. He did his best. He did six laps around the block. He didn't believe Emma initially. He didn't believe Emma's story. He didn't believe a word of what Emma said. He didn't directly participate in the drug business. He didn't get any sleep for the rest of that night. He didn't have a pass. He didn't have a way out. He didn't move a muscle. He didn't see Emma's license number. He didn't want to pull his friend into that situation. He discovered that he had a brother who was an undercover agent. He disobeyed his parents. He displayed interest in engineering. He does rodeo. He drank the water. He dropped out of school. He drove a police car. He drove past the middle school. He drove the truck away. He earned a job at the new restaurant. He employed professional personal coaches to train him. He ended up in jail. He enrolled in night classes. He entered the bar. He entered the country illegally. He escaped before the cops could get to him. He escaped the country. He established an elementary school in Algiers. He exchanged greetings with the bartenders. He experimented with drugs. He faced numerous charges in Algeria. He fell asleep easily that night. He fell into the river. He fell off the chair. He fell onto his knees. He fell to his knees, sobbing. He filmed the fight. He filmed the movie in Algiers. He finished his shift. He fled Algeria for Morocco. He flooded the bathroom. He followed Emma to the checkout. He followed the capybara into the water. He followed the eagle to her nest. He followed the traffic laws. He forgot about the situation. He fought back the tears. He found a job. He found the nest. He froze with fear. He gave Emma a nod. He gave Emma a present. He gave Emma a refund. He gave Emma blood. He gave Emma her bill. He gave Emma one last look as he was leaving. He gave Emma strange vibes from the start. He gave an amazing demonstration. He got Emma out of the truck. He got a call from the cops. He got a ticket for speeding. He got back into art. He got dressed for dinner. He got his medicine from a local twenty-four-hour pharmacy. He got in his truck and started driving to town. He got in his truck. He got off the bus. He got out of the mess. He got out of the van. He got out of the way. He got some rest. He got the job. He got the news while he was in the store. He grabbed Emma's wrist tightly. He grabbed Lee and shoved him against the wall. He grabbed the switch blade. He greeted Emma with a big smile. He greeted Emma with a wave. He had a hard time getting Emma out of the truck due to her weight. He had a machete in his trunk. He had a river to cross. He had a room to himself. He had a strict upbringing He had a vantage point. He had cuts on his arms. He had difficulty paying his rent. He had his own story that he wanted to tell. He had horses to feed. He had judicial immunity. He had no choice. He had no idea what he had witnessed. He had plans for Emma. He had to change his route. He had trouble falling asleep. He harmed an innocent girl. He has been able to move past that event. He has just gotten out of school. He has risen from poverty to build a drug empire. He hasn't been in a relationship since that even. He headed home. He headed out the door. He headed to another bar. He heard a familiar voice. He heard a loud growl. He heard his neighbor scream. He heard sirens coming towards the school. He heard the car door close. He heard the garage door open. He heard the same noise again. He heard the screaming. He heard the sirens of the police coming his way. He heard the sound of footsteps from behind him. He help the princess. He helped Emma onto a stretcher. He helped the poor in town. He hid the drugs in the spare tire of his truck. He hiked through the tall trees. He hit the ball hard. He hit the window. He hurried across the road to his neighborhood. He impressed the interviewers. He informed the cops on Emma's criminal conduct. He informed the cops on Emma's criminall activity. He invested his life savings in his new invention. He kept an eye on Emma. He kept his distance. He kicked Emma into the swimming pool. He killed as many as sixty people who were connected to Pablo. He killed his own daughter and then himself. He knew those woods better than anyone. He knows the basic. He lacks the money to pay the fare. He landed a good job. He landed an unpaid internship. He left Emma the key. He left for Algiers. He left the nest. He left the room. He left through the back door. He let go of Emma's hand. He lived in a border town. He lived in a newly built neighborhood. He lived in a safe area. He lived in a separate town. He lived in a small town called Tigzirt, out in Tizi-Ouzou. He lived in hotels. He lived on a main highway. He lived on a quiet road. He lived with his dad until the events of this story took place. He lived with his mom until sixth grade. He lived with his parents and six brothers. He lives in Emma's neighborhood. He lives in a small town. He lives in the back of the neighborhood. He locked the garden door. He locked the window. He looked after the eggs. He looked around the room. He looked for the extinguisher. He looked out the window. He looked over at his dad. He lost his father at the age of six. He lost the boat. He made Emma miss her favorite show. He made a profile on the website. He made a smart move. He made a special request to the doctor. He made prank calls. He made sure all the doors were locked. He made the journey on foot. He makes learning fun. He married sixty-year-old Emma. He met up with his friend, Lee. He missed the show. He moved around the town freely. He moved out of the way. He murdered a drug dealer. He nailed the attic door completely shut. He named his drug cartel for the city he controlled. He needed some things from the store. He needed to go to town to get some groceries. He needs space to practice. He never encountered those same people again. He never left his truck. He never took that alley. He opened his door. He opened his phone. He opened up a studio in Algiers. He opened up restaurants all around the city. He ordered a killing frenzy through Naples. He ordered the killings of thousands of people. He owned multiple mansions. He packed his backpack. He packed up all his stuff. He paid a parking ticket. He paid the ransom. He painted the apartment. He parked on the side of the road. He parked the truck in the garage. He passed away in the accident. He passed away while in the hospital. He passed the spot and didn't see anything. He played it off as a joke. He plowed the snow in the dark. He pointed his finger at Emma. He practiced the fire drill. He prepared the fish. He processed the cocaine in the jungle. He protected the nest. He pulled Emma into a hug. He pulled out his phone and dialled 911. He purchased a fleet of airplanes. He purchased himself a Yamaha motorcycle. He pursued his criminal activities from the prison. He pushed the button by accident. He put a neck brace on Emma. He put his arms all around Emma. He put the fire out. He put the phone into his pocket. He raised in a middle-class environment. He ran from the cops. He ran into the basement. He ran like his life depended on it. He ran past the treeline. He ran straight to the rec center. He ran the country. He ran to his friends. He ran to the back of his truck. He reached his house. He read the magazine. He received a text message. He recently reconnected with a high school friend. He recorded the incident. He recruited his cousin to join him at the restaurant. He regularly took his family on trips to Algeria. He relocked the back door. He repaired bicycles for a pittance. He revealed the true life of Emma Smith. He rode to the grocery store on his motorbike. He rushed into the apartment. He rushed the patient to the hospital. He said that in a low voice. He sat by himself in a corner. He saved the man's life. He saw Emma in his backyard. He saw people crowding around him. He saw the eagle. He scanned the sky for dangers. He scared the eagle away. He screamed at the top of his lungs. He searched for discared bicycle parts. He sent Emma to the police station. He sent the story to Emma. He served as a jack-of-all-trades. He shoved Emma on the trash cans. He showed Emma around the emergency center. He shut the front door in Emma's face. He sighted the eagle. He signaled the bus to stop. He slammed on the brakes. He slept in the jungle. He smelt the rotten meat. He smoked weed. He sold bicycles. He sold the scanners. He solved a Rubik's cube during a bus ride. He specialized in kidnappings of rich businessman. He spent as much time with Emma as he could. He spent his days outside. He spent several months in jail. He spent the night by the fire. He spent the night in jail. He spent time with his mother for her birthday. He spoke softly. He spotted a tapir. He stared at Emma for what felt like forever. He started filling his gas. He started helping his dad. He started his story. He started school in 2006. He started to walk to the stairs. He stayed up for the rest of the night. He stepped back into his apartment. He stepped on the gas and got out of there. He stood at just over five feet. He stood at the bottom of the steps. He stood in the hallway. He stood in the middle of the road. He stood on the chair. He stood up for his kids no matter what. He stopped at Emma's house. He stopped at the red light. He stopped the truck. He struck the back door. He studied engineering. He supported his mother. He talked to the officer. He taught the kindergarten class. He terrorized his classmates at school. He thanked the bus driver. He thanked the cashier and headed to his truck. He thought back on the story. He threw Lee onto the ground. He told Mom what was happening over the phone. He told the cops all about that guy. He told the waitress to go get him his bill. He took Emma to his apartment. He took Emma to the police station. He took a close look at the canopy. He took a flooded road. He took a glance at Emma as he smiled menacingly. He took a helicopter to Panama. He took a humanoid appearance. He took a sharp left to the side door and bolted out. He took a tour. He took some pain medicine. He took the knife out of that guy. He took the longer route. He took the main road. He took the patient to the hospital. He took the payment. He took the switch blade from his pocket. He tried one more time. He tried to bribe the judge. He tried to catch a glimpse of what Emma was doing. He tried to flee Algeria. He tried to open the garage door. He turned the alarm on. He turned the eggs. He unlocked the garage door. He used his dad's phone to contact family friends. He used his massive influence to rid the town from drug trafficking. He used his millions to buy every restaurant in town. He vanished into thin air. He visited the dark web. He waged a bombing and terror campaign against the country. He wailed his siren. He waited for his turn. He walked around the aisles, browsing and looking for what he needed. He walked behind the truck to get around. He walked into the hallway. He walked out of the crash with only a sprained ankle. He walked out the front door. He walked to the recreation center. He wanted more than a slice of the pie for himself. He wanted to call his mom. He wanted to get away from those freaky people. He wanted to protect his family's privace. He wanted to ride the rest of the way. He was a year older. He was an hour away from Emma's house. He was at his friend's house. He was at the absolute height of his power. He was back on the street. He was beaten, strangled and then dumped in a ditch. He was bitten by a Labrador when he was young. He was blocked by a wall in front. He was born in a small time. He was caught and put to justice. He was coming from behind the home. He was constantly on the run. He was constantly surrounded by bodyguards. He was denied entry for not wearing a tie. He was diagnosed with PTSD. He was driving around the school. He was driving back to town. He was earning over a million dollars a day. He was elected to Congress. He was evading his government. He was going through a lot of pain. He was going through the wedding album. He was good at the video game. He was gunned down by the cops. He was heading home from work. He was helping his mom retrieve groceries from the car. He was hiding in Emma's van. He was hiding in the back seat of Emma's car. He was hit several times in the head. He was hunting a shark. He was imagining things. He was in bed before midnight. He was in so much pain. He was intensely disliked by his family. He was involved in many illicit activities. He was keep to make his own way in the world. He was kicked out of the party. He was killed near a shopping mall. He was living up in the attic. He was looking around the yard. He was losing blood faster. He was making a lot of money. He was making up stories. He was moved to a regular prison. He was mumbling under his breath. He was on vacation with his wife. He was over at his friend's apartment. He was playing a game with his kids. He was playing detective. He was pretty frightened by Pablo Escobar. He was proud of himself for being a bus driver. He was pulling into the parking lot. He was put in cuffs. He was rushed into the hospital. He was scared as hell. He was scared of the doctor. He was searching through Emma's profile. He was sent to Algeria to stand trial. He was sheltering in a shack. He was shot to death by members of an elite police team. He was sitting in his truck with his sister. He was slightly taller. He was standing at the corner of the alley. He was standing in the driveway with his pistol. He was staying up late watching TV. He was stressed from the crash. He was stuck in traffic. He was stung by a bee. He was taken to a bigger hospital. He was taking a walk around the block. He was taking pictures of Emma. He was talented in all ball sports, especially soccer. He was tall for his age. He was the only one stealing trucks in town. He was the only survivor. He was transporting a patient. He was traveling in the middle of the night. He was tried in Algeria for selling cocaine. He was viewed as a Robin Hood figure. He was walked over to the police car. He was walking on the dirt roads. He was walking the same path as Emma. He was watching the ground. He was wheeled back to his room. He watched the paramedics wheel Emma out. He watched training videos. He weighs sixty kilos. He went back into the building. He went by the name of Lee. He went into the cafeteria. He went on his yearly holiday. He went out shopping. He went outside to smoke a cigarette. He went right back to stealing trucks. He went straight to his house. He went to his favorite spot. He went to the counter to check out. He went to the gas station. He went to the hospital. He will be back in a minute. He will never be able to hurt another child again. He will turn on the light. He woke his parents and told them what happened. He wore a tuxedo. He worked at the emergency center. He yelled and yelled for help. He yelled at his daughter to shut up. He'll always be by Emma's side. He's afraid of Labradors. He's back to his normal schedule. He's forever in debt for Emma. He's from a small town. He's going back to the garage. He's gonna have some problems. He's looking for fruits. He's out of state. His practice is paying off. Leave that to me, please. Pay close attention now. Remember to watch your steps. She became a princess. She cried into Emma's shoulder. She ran into Lee's arms and hugged him. She snuck out with her boyfriend. She was having her boyfriend over. She works as a hotel maid. Tapirs are related to rhinos. Tapirs don't live in herds. The IRS garnished Lee's bank account for unpaid income taxes. The anteater ate termite. The anteater consumes thousands of ants in a single night. The armadillo hunted insects. The armadillo senses danger by its sense of smell. The back door was wide open. The boa lied in wait for prey. The building is on fire. The call came from the phone booth. The cars were moving. The chicks hatched. The class was over. The cops called Emma back. The cops checked around. The cops couldn't inform Emma due to privacy reasons. The doctor did an X-ray on Emma's arm. The eagle flew back to its nest. The eagle hunted a sloth. The eagle ignored the monkeys. The eagle left the nest. The eagle returned to the nest. The eagle shook off the raindrops. The eagles abandoned the nest. The eagles deserted the nest. The egg broke. The fire truck is on the way. The jaguar hunted a capybara. The kids were disappointed. The line was dead. The lizard escaped the snake. The mongoose defended its territory. The monkey ate leaves. The power went dead. The rain was starting to let up. The road ended in a roundabout. The storm came. The toad eats anything that fits its mouth. The traffic cops blocked Lee from leaving and he was arrested. They borrowed techniques from cavers. They formed a life-long partnership. They fought the fire early. They let the ambulance get through. They played hide and seek. They played tag in the park. They squabbled over nuts. They started class. They went their separate ways. They were competing for a paid position as a stockbroker. They were standing around the fire, chanting something. Worms make excellent bait.

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